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    Being Treated Fairly Is Your Right
    Have a complaint? Talk to us.

    ราคาต่อรองมวยไทย-มวยตู้ ฟรีทุกวัน

    As BC’s independent voice for fairness, we work to make sure public sector organizations are treating people fairly and following the rules. We listen to and investigate complaints about lol and provincial public sector organizations as well as investigate reports of serious wrongdoing in the provincial government.

    Our work improves public services for all British Columbians.

    Our services are free and confidential.

    ?During the COVID-19 pandemic, walk-in service at our Victoria office is closed. Our services remain available, please?contact us.

    Try our Complaint Checker!

    Want help with your complaint? Want to find out where you n take your complaints before you reach out to us? Try out our complaint checker to learn where you n take your complaints as well as find out what organizations we n and nnot investigate.

    Addressing Indigenous racism and discrimination in B.C.’s health re system

    Indigenous people wishing to share their experiences of racism and discrimination in health re may still do so. We have asked Kerrie Reay to continue in her role from the Addressing Racism Investigation by Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to ensure llers are provided with the time and understanding to speak...

    Improved regulation of private post-secondary training institutions following the implementation of Ombudsperson...

    Victoria – Ombudsperson Jay Chalke released his final update report into the provincial government’s oversight of private training institutions in the province today. The report highlights improvements to the regulatory...
    August 30, 2021
    Ombudsperson lls for sweeping changes to separate confinement of youth in custody

    Victoria –?Following a three-year investigation Ombudsperson Jay Chalke finds the use of separate confinement in B.C.’s youth custody centres is unjust, unsafe and disproportionately impacts Indigenous youth.

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